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Accelerating C-ITS mobility innovation and deployment in Europe

The C-MobILE project

C-MobILE (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe) is deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and services designed to deal with specific mobility challenges across Europe. The project also aims to help local authorities deploy the C-ITS services they need and to raise awareness of the potential benefits for all road users.

A total of eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions are involved in the project, all of which have been research pilot sites for large-scale deployment of sustainable services in the past. This common approach ensures that interoperability and seamless service availability are prioritised and at an acceptable cost for end-users.

C-MobILE is engaging with public and private stakeholders, including end-users, to enhance C-ITS services and to establish functioning partnerships beyond the project. It is also carrying out cost-benefit analyses and developing business models, particularly from the end-user’s perspective, to make sure C-ITS services do their job correctly.

Bilbao Deployment Site

Bilbao is the capital of the county called Bizkaia, Spain, and it could be considered as the industrial and financial capital of the Basque Country. With an area of 41,60 km2 and around 355,000 inhabitants, Bilbao is located right in the heart of Greater Bilbao, which is a metropolitan area that extends along the estuary of the Nervión River with a population close to 1 million. Every day, 544.600 external movements with origin or destination Bilbao are produced. More than a half of the incoming people use the public transport (train or bus) and 2/3 of the outgoing movements are carried out by private car. Meanwhile most of the 826,500 daily internal trips are performed by walking.

Urban transformation carried out by the city has helped to balance the urban landscape to the modal split of the city and provide a friendly environment for pedestrians with: wider pavements; reduction of on street car parking in the city centre; traffic light control system to cater to pedestrians; promenades for walking and cycling.

Bilbao has been working on the improvement of the public transport. The system that supports the exploitation of the urban bus network was developed under the objectives of improving the quality of the service, the network exploitation and the working conditions. Bilbao has also developed an open data platform (Co-Cities project) to offer static and dynamic information about public transport, on street parking and traffic.


Local partners

Bilbao Municipality MLC Ceit - BRTA Gertek Kapsch

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